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Desmond was born on the year of the Rat in Honolulu Hawaii, that same year he moved to Osaka Japan where his twin siblings Lawrence and Sheena were born. Being a duel citizen and spending time in both Hawaii and Japan has enabled him to express a true blend of his deep cultural roots in art. An athlete to the bone whose unparalleled drive has evolved from Jiu Jitsu Champion, to wrestling Champion to surfing, freediving, and spearfishing as if he were a new species of marine mammal… This ensures his inspiration for each work of art is not simple passive observation but an intimate relationship with nature. Anatomical correctness is not often seen in marine Art, but Desmond not only made correctness look easy but he has also been able to seamlessly infuse his cultural background into many of his pieces. In a word “Gyotaku”! This was his first step into the world of professional art. A fan of Wyland as a child they were able to meet and exchange gifts, an autograft book for a child’s work of art. Now Desmond has fans of his own looking forward to his next piece with high expectations. Here’s interesting information for the fans. Desmond actually has two names! In Japan his legal name is Kosei Nishio. A direct descendant of the samurai class. Confucius said: Never give a sword to a man that can’t dance. They gave Desmond a sword…

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