Leeward Look Artists

Marty Wilson

"I was always taught, the pinnacle of life is to do what you love and love what you do, and if you can make a living at it, I don’t think it can get any better than that. I have to do my art as much as I have to breathe. It is that important to my existence, and I would not know how to live the rest of my life without it." – Marty Wilson

Amber Moran

When I was in undergrad, I wasn’t particularly fond of using watercolor paints. I found them very difficult to work with and I wasn’t comfortable with the fact that I couldn’t control them. I dreaded the days we had to work with watercolors in class. It wasn't until after our sons were napping one day – when I decided to try again. It had been a while since I had done anything creative. Being a mom is challenging, and I was tired, as most new moms are. After a little while of trying different things, something clicked and it just felt right. It may have been that motherhood taught me about letting go, gave me more patience to try. I stopped trying to be so intricate and precise. I stopped trying for perfection. The trick with watercolors is to go with the flow and have fun!

I gain inspiration every day from the small fishing villages, the sights and sounds and just being in such a creative, beautiful environment. I live in a small town on Florida's Treasure Coast in between Jupiter and Stuart, Florida with my husband and two boys. 

Desmond Thain

Desmond was born on the year of the Rat in Honolulu Hawaii, that same year he moved to Osaka Japan where his twin siblings Lawrence and Sheena were born. Being a duel citizen and spending time in both Hawaii and Japan has enabled him to express a true blend of his deep cultural roots in art. An athlete to the bone whose unparalleled drive has evolved from Jiu Jitsu Champion, to wrestling Champion to surfing, freediving, and spearfishing as if he were a new species of marine mammal… This ensures his inspiration for each work of art is not simple passive observation but an intimate relationship with nature. Anatomical correctness is not often seen in marine Art, but Desmond not only made correctness look easy but he has also been able to seamlessly infuse his cultural background into many of his pieces. In a word “Gyotaku”! This was his first step into the world of professional art. A fan of Wyland as a child they were able to meet and exchange gifts, an autograft book for a child’s work of art. Now Desmond has fans of his own looking forward to his next piece with high expectations. Here’s interesting information for the fans. Desmond actually has two names! In Japan his legal name is Kosei Nishio. A direct descendant of the samurai class. Confucius said: Never give a sword to a man that can’t dance. They gave Desmond a sword…

Gavin Erwin 

"I was born with a fishing rod in one hand and a pencil in the other." Gavin is a self-made artist that shows his passion for both fishing and nature in his work. Using a balance of realism, movement, and texture in his work, Gavin is able to truly bring his art to life. Based in Johannesburg, Gavin is recognized as one of the top fish artists in all of South Africa. One look at his work and you realize why.

Jessica Shipley

I was born in the small coastal town of Machias, Maine. From a young age I always had an interest in learning about and drawing sea creatures. That passion brought me to Key West where I fell in love with the beautiful Florida waters and wild life. I never turned back. I am a self-taught artist that works primarily with acrylic paint creating colorful underwater scenes depicting fish and other aquatic creatures.

Edward Taguba

Photographer Ed Taguba was born and raised on the island of Lana`I, Hawaii and is currently living on Oahu. His passion for photography started at a very young age, as a way of capturing his love for nature. Today you will find him roaming around the islands taking photos of sunrises and sunsets. He mentors and helps inspire prospective photographers.

Kelly of the Wild

My mission as an artist is to connect you to conservation through the power of art and to inspire the protection of the amazing world we are so lucky to call home. I believe we all care for our wild spaces and when we see how incredible our planet is, we have all the motivation we need to make more sustainable choices so our grandchildren can enjoy it too.

Chase Martin 

Chase Martin is a marine artist living and working in San Diego, California. Though he grew up hours from the ocean in Georgia, he has always had a strong connection to the sea, and this is reflected in his paintings, which are a mix of of watercolor and acrylics. True to his ocean-loving nature, he works for Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego as a science communicator and media specialist.

Ronald Stoppelenburg

All my life I have always been interested in drawing. I usually drew drawings inspired by polynesian tattoos, tribal and mandalas. This has grown a few years ago with the arrival of social media. At the moment i tattoo 2 days a week at a local tattoo shop next to my current job in shipping. I hope that tattooing can become a full-time job for me in the future.

Marcos Monteiro

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." (Jacques Cousteau)  

My love for the ocean started as a child. Born and raised on the southeast coast of Brazil, I was given the opportunity to explore and study a variety of sea creatures. This inspired me to paint their vast array of shapes and colors.  The main subject of my work is marine life and sport fishing.  

Kenley Jones

Growing up on the coast of North Carolina, I have always had a love for marine life and coastal nature. I enjoy watercolor for its fluid motion, such as the ocean. I paint what I love and love what I paint.

Ty Hallock

I grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota where I spent my time chasing baseballs and trout.  Since I can remember I have always loved drawing wildlife and recreating lifelike images.  Every fish is different and I love to show that! I continue to live out my passion as a fishing guide in Casper, Wyoming where my days are spent catching trout from my boat and then trying to draw them.